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Cendana Resort & Spa, Bali
Cendana Resort & Spa Bali is located in Ubud Village, the centre of Balinese art and culture. Once here, you can enjoy Bali’s cultural activities and visits to Ubud’s temples and museums. Built in traditional Balinese architecture, with balconies overlooking beautiful rice field, the rooms at Cendana ...        Others

Novotel Hotel, Batam
Novotel Hotel Batam is located in the city centre with easy access to the airport, several golf courses, shopping areas and points of interest. It lies 35 minutes from Singapore by ferry. All the 254 guest rooms, suites and apartments of the hotel are tastefully furnished and have been designed with...        Others

Novotel Coralia Hotel, Bukittinggi
Novotel Coralia Hotel is known as one of the most romantic hotels in Indonesia and is a perfect blend of Oriental and Minangkabu architectural styles. It provides beautiful panoramic views, country walks, waterfalls and a golf course. All the 100 rooms offer a unique feeling of spaciousness and ...        Others

Mercure Rekso Hayam Wuruk Hotel, Jakarta
The Mercure Rekso Hayam Wuruk Hotel Jakarta is strategically located in the central business and main shopping area, directly behind the Presidential Palace. The hotel features 246 rooms that are equipped with amenities and provide all the comforts. The restaurant at the hotel serves a ...          Others

Novotel Hotel, Jambi
Located in the heart of the city, Novotel Hotel Jambi is close to the shopping mall and the traditional market. The hotel offers 124 fully equipped rooms, each with a private bathroom. The rooms provide modern comfort, a unique feeling of spaciousness and contemporary decor for both business and leisure ...        Others

Jayakarta Beach Resort & Spa, Lombok
The Jayakarta Beach Resort & Spa is situated on 5 hectares of landscape gardens right on the beautiful beach of Meninting, Senggigi, about 10 minutes drive from the Lombok's Selaparang Airport. Here one can watch the sunset and see traditional fishing boats pass by on their way for their catch ...          Others

Novotel Hotel, Palembang
Conveniently located in the heart of Palembang’s new town centre, Novotel Hotel and Residence offers the perfect mix that caters to both business executives and leisure guests. The hotel holds 194 rooms and apartment with a contemporary architectural design that reflects a modern, stylish and relaxed ambience ...        Others

Ibis Hotel, Pekanbaru
Located in the business area, the Ibis Hotel Pekanbaru is 5 kilometres away from the National Museum and 20 kilometres from the man-made lake of Danau Buatan. It features 125 rooms that are equipped with amenities and provide all the comforts to its guests. The hotel has a restaurant and a lounge bar with ...        Others

Novotel Hotel, Solo
The Novotel Hotel is located in the heart of Solo, within walking distance from the main shopping centres and traditional markets, Batik centre and Royal Palaces. The hotel features 142 well-appointed rooms that provide all the comforts to its guests. Excellent restaurant that serve Western, Asian and Chinese ...        Others

Ibis Rajawali Hotel, Surabaya
Ibis Rajawali Hotel Surabaya is located within walking distance of well-known shopping centres and historical buildings. It also has easy access to the city centre. All the guest rooms at Rajawali are comfortable and come with numerous modern amenities. The hotel also houses a restaurant and bar ...          Others

Saphir Hotel, Yogyakarta
The hotel Saphir is conveniently located on one of Yogyakarta's main thoroughfares. Situated 10 minutes drive from the airport and the city centre, Malioboro Street. It is an ideal choice whether travelling to Yogyakarta for business or pleasure. The hotel understands the needs of modern business travellers ...          Others

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Stop every couple of miles so your pet can relieve himself just to make sure you don't end up with wet seats even if you have bought water proof car seat covers. It's still important to avoid distractions while driving on the road.

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