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Holiday Inn Key Largo
The Holiday Inn Resort and Marina offers a lush tropical setting, a full array of watersports, and easy access to SunCruz Casino Cruises. It is the home of the renowned 'African Queen' boat of movie fame. The property was recognized in 1995 with the Quality of Excellence Award, Holiday Inn Worldwide's highest honor ...

Marina Del Mar Resort & Marina Key Largo
Drive south from Miami and in less than an hour you're in the midst of Legendary Key Largo, gateway to some of the world's best diving spots. Marina Del Mar has all the fun and excitement of a Florida Keys vacation for the best value around. Stay in one of our beautiful contemporary rooms, tie-up at our docks in our deep-water marina ...

ariner's Club Key Largo
M An oceanfront property at the gateway to the Florida Keys, overlooking John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park and Molasses Reef, Mariner's Club Key Largo offers gated resort community living for sale in luxury oceanfront Key Largo townhomes and condominiums surrounding a deep water marina directly on the Atlantic Ocean. Superb amenities at ...

Marriott Key Largo Bay Beach Resort
Marriott Key Largo Bay Beach Resort. Barely 55 minutes South of Miami and yet the moment you ease off the road everything is suddenly blue skies, pink drinks and guests so relaxed their only worries are suntans, fishing lines and diving our famous coral reefs ...

Ocean Pointe Resort at Key Largo
The resort is entered through a private gatehouse and has five buildings holding 150 air-conditioned, one and two bedroom suites sleeping up to six persons. Although Ocean Pointe rests in an isolated tropical setting, it is only minutes from area attractions, fine dining and shopping. The hotel offers FREE continental breakfast buffet ...

Sheraton Beach Resort Key Largo
Sheraton Beach Resort Key Largo is an ideal Florida Keys getaway, and is only minutes from the underwater John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. Business travelers will appreciate the spacious meeting rooms with spectacular views. Explore the enchanting scenery with water sports from kayaking to charter fishing ...

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Key Largo fishing
Flats fishing online

Key Largo
Key Largo travel information. Come visit the diving capital of the world. Information on fishing, diving, hotels and other activities to do while in Key Largo.

Florida Keys Fishing
Key Largo Sea Fishing & Backcountry Fishing on Rodeo Fishing Charters in the Florida Keys . A family owned and operated business located in Key Largo, Florida... the beautiful Florida Keys.

Young people seeking to purchase travel insurance do not have the worry of increased premiums that face many older travellers. Unfortunately, it is an unavoidable fact of life that many older travellers have pre-existing medical conditions, and consequently have to pay more for travel insurance.

The need for higher premiums is not because insurers have anything against older people, but because the reality is that older travellers are more likely to make claims on their travel insurance for health-related problems.

There are several factors at work:

Older people tend to have more disposal income and free time and therefore can afford to take more trips and holidays. Unfortunately, this translates to more claims for emergency medical care for accidents and illnesses abroad.

A larger number of older people than ever before are travelling long distances. They are statistically more likely to claim on their travel insurance for emergency medical care - and the costs can be astronomical. This is particularly true if medical problems arise in destinations like the United States where medical treatment is extremely expensive. Consequently, insurers have to make up for the losses, and it inevitably means higher premiums for everyone - but especially for older people travelling to the U.S.

The cost of repatriating someone by air ambulance from far-flung destinations such as Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Canada and the United States is extremely costly (up to £50,000 or more).

In remote destinations of the world the medical facilities may not be adequate to treat serious illnesses or injuries,making it necessary to transport the patient to a neighbouring country for treatment before repatriation. Again, all very costly.

Frequent travellers who faithfully renew their travel insurance policy with the same company each year may find there is a sudden jump in the premium. They may have crossed an age threshold that they were not aware was imminent and have to decide whether to stay loyal to their trusted company, or shop around elsewhere to find a better deal.

Insurance premiums for older travellers vary from company to company, as far as age ranges and premiums. If pre-existing medical conditions are an issue there may be an additional charge to cover a certain condition, or the insurance may be issued to exclude any claims related to that condition. Some may have specific cut-off ages for any type of travel insurance and some may increase the premium and/or excess for certain age groups.

Comparison sites may be a way for an older traveller to search for a cheaper quote, but remember that not all insurers choose to be listed on the comparison sites and you may find a cheaper price by checking elsewhere. If you do opt for a cheap policy on one of these sites, always check the levels of cover - especially for medical care. A very cheap quote may mean that the levels of cover have been cut, or the excess (the amount you pay towards a claim) has been raised to compensate for the low price

If you are one out of the five people in the UK that does not purchase travel insurance, consider whether you are in denial about the potential financial ruin you - or your family - could face. This is especially true if injury or illness should strike when you are halfway round the world. Contrary to the mistaken belief held by many, your consulate or embassy does not cover these costs and, without insurance, it is up to the affected person or their nearest and dearest to come up with the money!